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QSmart UF L 105 Thin Film Solar Panel Sheets by QC...

  • Mughal Pura
  • Last Updated: May 19, 2017
  • Ad ID: 1116328
  • Views: 207
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PKR 8100


  • Brand:N/A
  • Model:N/A
  • Color:N/A
  • Condition:N/A
  • Warranty:N/A
  • Battery Timing:N/A
  • Usage Time:N/A

Seller Comments

Product description
The new Q-Cells generation have Anti PID Technology APT means No power failures due to potential-induced degradation.
Additional Power Boost APB with up to 15 more power through positive sorting 5 -0 Wp and
Light Soaking Effect More power for your money.
Excellent skew and low-light behavior for 360 efficiency TDE High performance even with challenging roof alignment - in all directions of the sky.
Enlarged module surface with 0.94 m Optimal utilization of flat roofs.
Frameless design ideal for roof-parallel installations on flat roofs.

Q-Cells Solar panel thin film is Ideal for
1 Large commercial and industrial on-roof systems.
2 Roof parallel flat roof installations.

Price per watt is 54- Rs.


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